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Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

“So, you’re a cannibal.”

What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?

No boring old natural death for me…


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We had an interesting discussion at today’s Journal Club talk regarding people’s ‘grandfathers’, by which is meant their supervisor’s supervisor(‘s supervisor(‘s supervisor(‘s supervisor(you get the idea)))). It turns out the Stephane’s great-great grandfather was Alexander Fridman of cosmological fame, and he supervised George Gamow, who supervised Vera Rubin, who supervised Sandra Faber, who supervised Stephane Courteau. That’s quite the lineage. Meanwhile, Kayll Lake’s great-grandfather was none other than Eddington (and he seems to have been a rather poor supervisor). Rob’s is Martin Rees. James, my office mate, has John Landstreet from Western as a grandfather, and it turns out that my grandfather is Michael Turner of Chicago. I don’t know anything about him, but I was just curious.

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Today’s quote

‘I got an inflatable sheep for Christmas.’

From my office mate James.

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I got back from my Christmas vacation over the weekend. Three weeks in Montreal. Lots of arguments. OK, a couple. After reading my rather angry rant about digg users trying to DoS GodHatesFags, my brother and I spent at least an hour on New Year’s Eve (he interrupted me while I was playing Final Fantasy XII, no less) arguing about free speech and how it relates to the site. He was arguing that GHF is run by the Hal Turner, the same Hal Turner who was pranked and posted personal information of the pranksters online with an ominous warning and then got DoSed for it (in a separate incident). This, you’ll note, is not covered by free speech, but this not what GHF, to the best of my knowledge, was doing. Whether Hal Turner simply hosts the site GHF or is more actively involved in its content, GHF remains a separate site and, without doing what Turner was doing on his own site, should not have been taken down.After my mother saw my marvellous ‘Science. It works, bitches’ shirt from xkcd, she became very angry. I thought the meaning of the word ‘bitches’ would have been clear from the context, but apparently not.

And I finally installed Beryl on my computer! And it looks awesome!

I was a bit distracted writing this post because I’ve been following the live coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote from MacWorld on engadget, and he’s introduced iTV and a touchscreen iPod/iPhone(doesn’t Cisco own the trademark?)/mobile browser which looks very impressive.

UPDATE: iPhone spam already! Just about five hours after the announcement, I got my first bit of iPhone spam in the comments!

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RIP Momofuku Ando

The inventor of one of my favourite foods has died. PHDcomics honours the great man.

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