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The cost of being gay. Some examples:

Angola – Labor Camps
Sierra Leone – Life in Prison
Iran – Death

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Out East

I went off to the east coast last week for Matt and Trina’s wedding, and it was …fun. It was held in Wolfville, on the north side of the peninsula, roughly opposite Halifax and a 15 hour drive from Kingston. We left at 10:30 on Wednesday and basically drove nonstop until fourish the next afternoon.

Driving was quite adventurous. Montreal proved surprisingly annoying to traverse at one in the morning, partly because traffic on the 40 was backed up due to construction, and we got off just before we would have had to wait in frozen traffic for hours. Of course, there was no construction actually going on, but half the highway was shut anyway. We took the service road and everyone got confused by the bizarre lane changes (well everyone but me since I’ve been on these roads many times but I’m a useless navigator anyway). We got on the Lafontaine highway and were promptly redirected in several directions by construction again before getting on the tunnel.

At this point the car was temporarily overtaken by some bizarre shaking, a problem that would plague us for the rest of the journey; while accelerating the car would whine and rattle until we hit 3000 RPM, at which point it would run smoothly again. Not knowing what the problem was we simply put up with it and speculated as to possible causes. Ryan: ‘You don’t need to worry unless the check engine light comes on’. An instant later: the check engine light came on. Oh well. We drove on anyway and spent the remaining ten or so hours with the annoying shakes.

Upon checking in to our slightly sketchy motel with oddly dark rooms Justin took his car to the nearest Midas and learned that one of the spark plugs was shot. So it turned that we had driven two thirds of the way at 75% power. Impressive. In any case, the car was fixed the next morning.

The area around wolfville seems to be serviced by just one main road – a one lane thoroughfare inundated with traffic at all hours of the day, only spared of cars late at night. This single road passes through Kentville, New Minas and Wolfville, all three towns being very close together. Wolfville is a picturesque town at one end of the road graced with lovely architecture and Acadia University, and at the other end Kentville has a beautiful downtown area that James, Ben and I explored the morning of the wedding. That same morning we also visited the Acadia University campus, a verdant campus with splendid botanical gardens paid for by the Irving family. We had also visited a farmer’s market at the time – I mention this because the area has a number of them in a small area. It seems to be a great place to live if fresh produce is important to you.
The wedding was held at a chapel on campus (during a football game between St. Mary’s and Acadia that St. Mary’s ended up winning) and the reception at a nearby country club. Well, nothing out of the ordinary mostly, though after the wedding we blew bubbles at the couple instead of throwing rice. Maybe that’s common at weddings now, I don’t know.

The after dinner dance was interesting, what with James inventing a new dance for ‘Stayin’ Alive’ and Ben dancing more than the rest of us put together (and I don’t think he was even drunk). I would post pictures, but I forgot to bring my camera 😦

And we went home the first next day, a relatively smooth ride compared to the first one.

Anyway, I wish the happy couple many years together.

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