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Sullivan summarises how I subconsciously think of conservatism:

When you use the c-word among the next generation, they no longer associate it with small government, individual freedom, humble faith, balanced budgets, respect for tradition or a strong but prudent foreign policy. They think of religious fanaticism, big spending, massive debt, and social intolerance.

My emphasis. Sullivan’s assessment about my feelings on the c-word is bang on. I kind of like that first part (not the faith or tradition part, but you can’t have everything…). But conservatism hasn’t been about the first part for as long as I’ve been following politics (for about 15 years now, and I’m 28).


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Memo to Sarah Palin

It’s pronounced ‘nook-lee-er’, not ‘nook-u-ler’. Also, it’s not debating when you’re reading from a prepared set of notes consisting of talking points that don’t actually answer the question.

At least Biden wasn’t as annoying and long -winded as he usually is.

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