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A new link in my blogroll – this is Terrance’s page. Be sure to check it out!


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A new link in my blogroll – a friend of mine grows orchids and posts pictures of them on his blog at Tabbie’s Garden (and other pics as well). Check it out!

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Another new link in my blogroll, this one is Human Rights America. It’s got lots of interesting stuff…

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Two new links added to my blogroll, Perplexionist and Life in Focus… Be sure to check them out!

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More blog news

If you had the good fortune to be reading my blog yesterday between about 2 and 4 in the afternoon, you may noticed that I was experimenting with lots of wacky blog themes (again). This time I decided to try a bunch of themes I had not previously looked very closely at (these would be the standard WordPress themes, about 20 or so to choose from). I’ve now settled on two that I like reasonably well and that may possess that most nearly unattainable of qualities, lasting power, the holy grail of graphical interfaces in my opinion. I may switch between this and the other one regularly, just to keep things interesting.

In other non-news, I’m still deciding on a new name for this blog. Something a bit more sensible but still original. It’s coming, eventually.

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Blog news and stuff

Astute readers of my blog, assuming any exist, will have noticed that I have a tendency to change blog themes on a regular basis. This is because it's difficult finding a good theme with staying power – by which I mean a theme that doesn't get tired after a few days, at least to my eyes. Lots of themes look pretty, but I after a while begin to look dull and my blog is in need of refreshment. It's the same principle that's at work when I choose a desktop theme or desktop background. Many themes and pictures I find on the web look nice but but start to hurt my eyes after a few days, and only a select few have been able to remain tolerable. (Aside: I think the OS X theme is like this. I don't have a Mac, but this is one reason I would be reluctant to purchase one. I'm sure that full-of-eye-candy aqua theme is going to drive me to distraction once the novelty wears off. I like Bluecurve much better – subtle prettiness, unobtrusive, much higher productivity.)

Anyway, I've now switched themes again and hope that this one sticks.  Also I will try to find a new name for this blog. I chose the rather tongue-in-cheek title for this blog because I wasn't sure how I would direct its focus over time. Now that the subject matter for the blog appears to have settled down I will change titles just as soon as I work out a decent one.

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