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Sullivan summarises how I subconsciously think of conservatism:

When you use the c-word among the next generation, they no longer associate it with small government, individual freedom, humble faith, balanced budgets, respect for tradition or a strong but prudent foreign policy. They think of religious fanaticism, big spending, massive debt, and social intolerance.

My emphasis. Sullivan’s assessment about my feelings on the c-word is bang on. I kind of like that first part (not the faith or tradition part, but you can’t have everything…). But conservatism hasn’t been about the first part for as long as I’ve been following politics (for about 15 years now, and I’m 28).


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Sullivan points to what is either an utterly deranged assessment of the Bush presidency, or an over-the-top satire of ‘conservative’ thinking about the past eight years, from a law professor at Northwestern:

This Administration deserves to be trusted because it has kept us safe from terrorist attack since 9/11, has fought and won two wars, has presided over eight years of economic growth, has appointed two stellar justices to the Supreme Court, and has even learned how to do Louisiana’s job of protecting that state from hurricanes. The day will come, and not before long, when Americans will wish that George Bush was still president.

I put the word ‘conservative’ in quotation marks because most of what the Bush administration has done for eight years is not at all conservative, in the real sense of the word. I’m glad I added Sullivan to my daily reading list – I’m slowly learning what it means to be a conservative. Which is good for a budding libertarian like myself, because I still can’t for the life of me figure out why we’re supposed to consider conservatives our natural allies.

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Today’s quote

Today’s quote is an exchange with an AI from Deus Ex:

JC Denton: How about a report on yourself?
Morpheus: I was a prototype for Echelon IV. My instructions are to amuse visitors with information about themselves.
JC Denton: I don’t see anything amusing about spying on people.
Morpheus: Human beings feel pleasure when they are watched. I have recorded their smiles as I tell them who they are.
JC Denton: Some people just don’t understand the dangers of indiscriminate surveillance.
Morpheus: The need to be observed and understood was once satisfied by God. Now we can implement the same functionality with data-mining algorithms.

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Some things never change

Today’s QOTD:

The revolution will not be Facebooked.

This was graffiti I saw on the side of a Queen’s building as I was walking home today. Figuring out what it means is left as an exercise for the reader.

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Today’s QOTD from The Daily Show: Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons) explains why Fox’ head honchos don’t want them to satirise Fox News like they did with that ticker* a couple of years ago:

The Fox viewer might confuse our cartoon with actual news.

*You remember, the one that said ‘Albert Einstein + Brad Pitt = Dick Cheney’, etc.

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Diggers are going crazy over the leaked HD-DVD key. Here are some interesting looking screenshots (the first is from the top of the page, the second from the bottom).



Only two of 14 stories have nothing to do with the key. This after Digg has removed a number of prior stories posted to their homepage about the key.

Nothing particularly informative, I just it thought it was funny. And beautiful, in a ‘fuck the man’ kind of way.

Update: Digg is a bloodbath now. And Slashdot’s fortune is apropos: “Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin.” — John Von Neumann

Update 2: Holy fucking cow. Digg has been in meltdown mode all evening – it was percolating most of the day – Jay’s blog post seems to have been the final trigger since he failed to satisfactorily explain what most of us felt was a cave-in to a legal threat and the subsequent banning of accounts, and then it came out that Diggnation (the weekly podcast) has been sponsored by the HD-DVD consortium. I have no idea how they are going to recover, but a nice long explanation on the next episode of Diggnation would be a good start.

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Bits and pieces:

  • Paul Ohm on Eugene Volokh has a couple of nice posts discussing the price of digital music and the analog hole (the analog hole costs exactly 23.9828 cents) here and here.
  • MiniBooNE saves the standard model of particle physics: it finds no neutrino oscillations where LSND did, which means there is no reason to believe any new physics (such as sterile neutrinos) is required by LSND.
  • Quote of the day: ‘Emo – punk music on estrogen.’ From Urban Dictionary.

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